Thursday, July 16, 2015

491 Bible Request

We heard the rumble of thunder off in the distance on our walk but it was off in the distance and we thought just maybe the rain would miss us. I left for the Berean office at 8:15 before anything happened but when the rain gauge was checked this afternoon it showed we got another half inch of rain. That was a lot less than the rain that came pouring down at the Unsicker farm. We had another really good group of volunteers today come in sheltered by their many umbrellas. We put them right to work on labeling the Bibles or opening the studies.
 Above is the group getting the Bibles ready for mailing, once they were all labeled they were stacked back in the boxes and taken out to Mark's van for the trip to the post office. Below are the mail openers and readers.

 Some of the work is tedious but the readers every once in a while will read outloud an interesting letter to break the monotony of the work.

 Below Diane is working on a completion certificate. Once a prisoner finishes all 50 lessons of the basic study he or she is sent a certifcate. If they request the next set we will send them the first 4 of the next 50.
Below Diane R is writing to a prisoner that is requesting his 4th Bible telling him kindly we can only send 1 Bible per person, they are expensive. Usually Kathy is our letter writer but she has not been able to come back to work since her surgery. Please continue praying for healing for Kathy, we miss her.
Below Rachel is admiring the coat rack Wayne and Lukie hung for us. 

We were able to finish right after noon and broke for lunch once all 491 Bibles from this week were all loaded.

Lunch time isn't just for eating, we have a lot of fun times too.
Emily came with me to help unload the Bibles at the Bartonville post office. Those post office workers are the best. They are helpful, friendly and don't mind when we hog the carts for the Bible boxes AND it has a loading dock.

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