Thursday, July 23, 2015

A Good Day of Work

 Berean had a wonderful group of volunteers this week. We had 5 new volunteers come today, Larissa, Jessica, Gladys, Barb and Dori.
 Above is Larissa who was put right to work on folding studies and below is Jessica and Rachel opening the mail. Jessica just found out today she passed her state boards.

 Above is Roma opening mail, her sister Edie also came to help but somehow her picture wasn't taken today. Below is Dori and Barb working on studies with Larissa.

 Marie came with Matthew and Timothy. In the picture above they are working on labeling Bibles and below Gladys is folding studies telling me, tongue in cheek, "we have to leave by 10:00am"

 Above is Chuck, Diane R, Rachel, and Jessica while Diane H is busy on the computer. Below I asked them to smile for the camera, don't look to closely at Mathew, that is not a nice smile. He'd better be careful or as mom would say, "your face is going to stay that way."
Once the work was done Eva Jean served lunch making us her yummy meat balls, veggies with peanut butter, chips then ice cream and cake for dessert. Once everyone was sitting Diane brought out the cake with candles and we had surprise birthday party for Chuck who turns 85 years old tomorrow. 
 Chuck now is officially our oldest volunteer and we had him pose with Timothy who happens to be our youngest.
Diane had her van loaded with Bibles for mailing but had to first go to Esther House to give a small presentation about Berean. Some of the ladies there are going to help us with grading these thousands of studies that come in each month. We only had 377 Bible request come in this week, a bit down from last week but that was a good thing since we are all out of wrapped Bibles. Emily is going to go to the Goodfield Bible Distribution warehouse on Saturday and pick up all they have then take them to Forrest for wrapping. The Forrest and Fairbury young group is going to do a service project and what a better project than wrapping Bibles for prisoners. All in all it was a good day.

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  1. That is a mighty young-looking "oldest volunteer"!! :-)