Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Thousand Hills

We had a very busy but productive day at Berean. Only 1 mailbox of mail but it was stuffed full. Below are a few of our volunteers. Not all are pictured, we got so busy I forgot to take the camera out again.
Above Shirley, Kathy and Dave are reading the many many request letters Jeanette is giving them more to read. Below on the other side of the room Bill, Chuck, Jan, Joyce (not shown), Eva Jean and mom are opening the studies.
Emily and I were on the computer, Megan kept the copier going and helped organize the folding of lessons with Dakota.
We ran out of stamps as we only had about 200 left from last week but Jan was willing to drive in to the Peoria post office which took about 5 minutes but then she had to wait a half hour in line to buy 6 hundred stamps. Sadly even those 6 hundred weren't enough to finish the job today. We had them all entered by noon, broke for lunch then after lunch got them all stamped, separated and stuffed. I'm just so so thankful so many people are willing to help. We had 15 volunteers today and kept everyone busy. Tomorrow I'll have to go in and enter the letters.
The studies to be mailed back out were taken to the Hanna City post office around 1:30 but the office was locked. I didn't realize they close for lunch. The studies were stuffed in the inside mail box but that filled up so the rest were taken to the outside mail box and even that got filled up.
We are short of first class stamps, Bibles and Bible stamps. Not sure exactly where this program is going and not sure how our church can afford to keep it up. Each pallet of Bibles cost more than $4000.00. The stamps yesterday just to get the studies out was $400.00. The postage to mail out a Bible is now $3.72 each. And then remember how much is ONE soul worth in God's eyes. HE owns the cattle on a thousand hills, if HE wants this to continue we will find a way.

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