Sunday, August 9, 2015

To Work or Not

The Berean blog has been neglected these last few weeks. It is always just same old same old so why write anything? Then I ran across this picture posted a couple weeks ago and thought about works. About how the church has been criticized of being works based.
These young people from the Forrest and Fairbury churches were having a good time wrapping Bibles and folding studies for prisoners. They didn't consider this work, they were joyfully visiting, glad to be there, glad to be of service. No one was forced to come, each that showed up were pleased to come and thankful after. So do you think they are trying to work their way into heaven? They want to serve because they are so thankful to the One who saved them, the One who says, "they will know you are mine by your love toward each other" And what about most of the hospitals and nursing homes around the world, homes for the handicapped, food banks all over the world, orphanages all started and run by Christians? Are they too just trying to 'work their way into heaven'? I am struggling this morning with trying to understand why there is such a hatred for the Christian today. Why do people criticize Christians, call them names, accuse them of being bigots and worse? Christians aren't going around with this 'look at me attitude' 'look at what I'm accomplishing for God's kingdom' in fact they don't even consider their service work or even something worthy to be praised. They are just so thankful for salvation that they just want to serve the Lord, their Saviour, their Creator, the King of kings, the Lamb the Lion of Judah, Jesus the Son who left the throne to come here willingly.
So my dilemma is do I continue the Berean Blog? Is this tooting my own horn showing off my good works? Does God care or want me to write what is happening with this program?

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