Thursday, August 13, 2015

A Couple Days Late

This post is just a bit late, below is Tuesday's news. Hopefully we will have an easy day today for today's news.
Eva Jean pulled up on Tuesday, opened her car door and hauled out a brand new office chair with HER name on it. She looked a little sheepish explaining she needed something a little taller without arms. 
Joan brought Mackenson, Faith, Berlica, Aubrey and Ava while Marie brought Matthew, Megan, Justin and Timothy. Wayne brought a pallet of Bibles over with the fork lift and these kids hauled the entire pallet load into the office then with Marie's help stuffed, wrapped, labeled, stamped and loaded hundreds of Bibles into Joan's van. Below they are unloading the pallet.

 Below they got an assembly line going for the wrapping of Bibles. 
 Aubrey and Berlica were put to work stamping envelopes.
 Below not seen is Justin folding, Matthew is stuffing, Justin is wrapping, Ava and Faith are placing them back in the box once they are labeled and stamped. There is a job for everyone.
The kids were having a good time working together. In the other room Joan and I were working on the computers, mom, Kathy and Dave were reading letters, while Jeanette, Jan, Shirley and Eva Jean were opening studies. 

 Jeanette is probably our most enthusiastic volunteer. Each time she opens or finds something special she makes sure to show us. We love her enthusiasm for this prison program.
Chuck arrived a bit late and walked in to a room full of laughter, not just quiet giggles this room was filled with the side ache full scale belly laughter. The roar of laughter coming out of the adult room was even drowning out the noise from the kid's room. And yet the work went on. We had a lot of mail and didn't finish stuffing the studies until after 2:00 pm but thankfully most of the volunteers stayed almost the entire time. 

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