Friday, August 14, 2015

397 + 205 = 602

Did our volunteers ever work today. Thankfully there were many hands to help lighten the work load. Below is just a small snippet of some of the action at the office this morning. 
Everyone had a job to do and everyone did their job well. Below they are wrapping Bibles, folding studies, and stamping envelopes.
 Rachel and Marie were joined by Diane H and read all of the letters today.
 Edie and Roma weren't just laughing, they were very busy then when the camera was ready to snap the picture it stopped working which made them burst out laughing. We have such a great time 'working' with each other.
 Notice the white label on Chuck and Eva Jean's chairs? These 2 were smart and labeled their chairs with their names. We use to say if you want a comfortable chair you have to arrive early, well Eva Jean took care of that by applying stickers with names.
 Aubrey and Berlica are the best envelope stampers! They know exactly where the stamp is suppose to go. 
We were finished with everything today by noon and enjoyed sitting around the table laden with the fruits of the earth. Below Megan is getting our lunch prepared and keeping it safe from little hands until after the prayer.
On Tuesday Joan delivered 205 Bibles to the post office but today she took 397 Bibles to the post office. A pallet load of Bibles is 600 so this week we wiped out an entire pallet. Now just for the record last week we were not able to get out as many requests that came in as we ran out of Bibles before the requests could be filled. So the 2 week average coming out of our office is around 425. People ask, "how many Bibles do you send out each month?" but there is really no way for me to tell. I can only keep track of what goes out of our office. 

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