Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Anyone Want To GRADE?

We had 2 tubs of mail today for Berean and most of them were lessons. We have 6 FULL tubs of lessons at the Peoria church all needing grading and by the end of today 2 more tubs of lessons to be take somewhere for grading. The grading isn't hard, we have answer keys, most people that start grading end up enjoying this job and we really really need help. The prisoners are now writing letters asking for their graded lessons to be returned. Some of them have been waiting over a month. PLEASE consider helping. If you are from one of the other AC churches and know of someone coming to visit here or someone from here going to visit there we would be thrilled to send a box of studies to be graded. We can email the answer keys. We know Roanoke is out and will be sending a box to them on Thursday. Princeville will probably get a new box either Tuesday or Thursday but there is more than enough lessons to spread around 10 churches. Below are a few pictures of the volunteers that came in to help today.
 Above Chuck, Marvin and Bruce are opening studies at the first table while Glenna, Vonnie and mom are working on the second table. Below Marie's father-in-law (Brian's dad) and her nephew have come all the way from Forrest, IL to help with this program. 
 The readers today were Marvin, David, and Kathy. Ruth was put to work entering on the computer. 
  In the other room Sarah, Marie and Megan were hard at work separating the studies and by the time we finished entering the last of the study labels they had almost finished them all and stuffed most of the envelopes. Justin and Timothy were keeping the copy machine running non-stop. We needed to order another 10 boxes of paper. This office churns out the studies so fast we are going through reams and reams of paper. That copy machine really gets a workout. 
 We broke for lunch just a few minutes after noon. Mom was good enough to prepare the lunch AND clean it all up after we finished eating so the rest of us could go back to work. 

We were pretty much all done by 1:00 pm except for entering the Bible requests. There were around 200 hundred of those. Thinking it would be a breeze for Diane and I to enter those on Thursday, Cindy was sent a text that maybe we could take work off tomorrow UNTIL I talked to Diane and she reminded me that I would probably not be there on Thursday. Marika and her colt may be able to come home that day and I would need to travel to the University of IL to pick them up. She went in at 4:15 am Saturday morning for an emergency C section. IF you would like to read about that awful trip in the middle of the night click HERE.

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