Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Wonderful Volunteers

We had a lot of mail but most of the mail were studies sent to be graded. Everyone got right to work opening and processing the studies.
 Above Bruce Marvin and Chuck are at the first table and below Glenna, Joyce Megan, Eva Jean, Vonnie and mom are working at the second table.
 The readers today were Lila, Marvin, David and Kathy with Vonnie helping read letters that came in with a study. 

 Timothy was hard at work running the copy machine.
 Marie worked on the computer but took a few minutes to help Megan with any of the problem letters. 
 When it came time to separate and fill the new studies to go out a new system was put in place. The graders would like to be able to quickly grab their favorite numbers to grade so the studies were put in order to take to church. We had 2 tubs full after today. 
 We took a lunch break at noon then went right back to work.
 We had some touching letters today that were read out loud. Some of the letters are heart breaking, some are thank you letters and some are full of praise. The letters really are the heart of this ministry.

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