Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Day


This was the most disappointing election day in my history and probably most of the Christians in America feel the same way. Yes I voted but after walking out of the booth there was no joy, no hopeful anticipation on electing a new president. The choices were either bad or awful. Mark and I left just after 6:00 am to drive to the polling place and when we arrived about 6:10 am there was a line of people waiting. It took about an hour to get our votes cast and get back home.
At least today was Berean day. That office is pretty much always filled with Christians joyfully working and visiting together. today was no exception. We had a great group come today to open and process the mail. David is on the board and brought us the good news that the new Bibles should be here soon. He, Kathy, mom, Marvin and Leila were the readers today. Bruce, Chuck and Marvin L worked on the back table. We were thrilled to have Bruce back. Today was raining so he took a break from farming to come help us.
 The picture below was taken before Marvin L, mom, Jan, Joyce and Kathy arrived. Glenna, Shirley, Eva Jean and Vonnie were put to work at the middle table. Marie worked on the second computer. 
 Mom arrived and was put right to work reading letters.
 Joyce and Jan took mail into the other room to open. 
 The clock on the wall read 10:30 am when Kathy arrived and we all teased her about being really late until someone remarked that the clock hadn't been changed from this weekend's time change.
 We worked until after noon then finally stopped to refuel our bodies. 
We had a lot of mail today and went right back to work after lunch. The printer is just about out of ink but Diane is pretty sure we have more at the office. I'll check tomorrow.
Speaking of tomorrow David B is going to be there and will start work before I can get there. I'm taking my truck in to East Peoria to get new tires put on before heading to Berean. 

NOTE: NO WORK AT THE BEREAN OFFICE ON WEDNESDAY NOV 9TH.  The computer is getting worked on.

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