Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Classing UP the Joint

David walked in the Berean office all gussied up and told us, "I'm trying to class up this place."
you can see Marvin's reaction by that statement in the picture below. That may be an incredulous look but also he may just be laughing out loud. David and Kathy could only work until 10:00 am then had to head to a funeral where David was asked to officiate. 
 Everyone else was laughing at that even though there were piles of mail on the table ready to be opened. Marie was busy fixing problems from last week while Glenna, Eva Jean, Vonnie and Shirley opened the mail. 
 Marvin, Leila, David and Kathy were the readers today.
 Wayne came in and in the picture below looks like he may be scolding us for the loud laughter coming out of the office but in reality he was telling me that the water heater was fixed. Wayne keeps everything running smooth here. 
 Jeanette came in a little late and Marvin was quick to practically beg her to take some of the 49 and 50s home to grade. I think he had to grade 90 of them last week. 
 Chuck walked in right after Jeanette and was put right to work applying labels. 
 Jan was busy at the same table as Chuck opening mail. We had a good amount today.
 While Marie and I were entering the last of the studies the rest of the group were in the other room stuffing the next sets to go out. 
 Marie joined them as the last of the intermediate labels were being printed. She also kept the copier running today filling slots. 
We had so much help today that even though we had a decent amount of mail we were able to finish by noon and enjoy a nice leisurely lunch. Another thank you is in order for these top notch classy volunteers.
NOTE: THERE WILL BE NO WORKING ON THURSDAY AT THIS OFFICE. THE OFFICE WILL BE CLOSED Thursday so the volunteers can go to John Honegger's funeral.

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