Thursday, October 27, 2016

Mailing Out Bibles

Thursday's we typically work first on finishing the labeling of the Bibles and load them into the car or van before starting the studies. Eva Jean was the first to arrive and jumped right in putting on the postage label.
 Edie was in charge of putting the prisoner name and address label on the Bible. 
 Anna was helping with the return address label. 
As we were busy working, Wayne walked in to make sure everything is working well. Wayne is the owner of the Berean office and we are so very grateful to have the use of this perfect little building. 
  It has everything we need to get the studies and Bibles out plus a few luxuries like a big table, a small kitchenette, a bathroom, a second room that holds the computers and working tables,  lots of electrical outlets in both of the rooms, and most important plenty of parking for the many volunteers.
Roma had walked into the second room to start working on opening the studies. 
 Chuck arrived with a box. Every couple weeks he brings in a box to stuff studies into and then mails them out for grading to his sister and Brother-in-law Mim and Lynn from South Carolina and also to his daughter Judy in Indiana. 
 Below is the typical mess we make labeling and boxing up Bibles for prisoners. These were stuffed and wrapped yesterday so today we had an easy day just labeling, boxing and hauling them out to the car. 
We had a light mail day today. Chuck read the few letters that came, Roma and Eva Jean labeled the studies as soon as I had them entered and printed out, Edie organized, Anna stamped, then we all stuffed. We were able to finish around 11:00 am then went to Bob Evans for a late breakfast. Another good day!

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