Thursday, October 6, 2016


We didn't have much mail thankfully since we had all those Bibles to stuff, wrap and label for mailing. Notice the stuffed full car behind Eva Jean and all those boxes up against the wall. Jacob delivered a pallet of Bibles and 10,000 envelopes this morning during the rainstorm. We all got quite wet unloading.
Eva Jean, Roma, Edie, Anna and Chuck were all kept busy. Once the Bibles were loaded into the car we all migrated to the other room to work on the studies and letters that came in today.
 Below is Anna grinning now that her work was done but the rest of ours was not. That may not be true. More than likely she was laughing at something one of the other workers said. We really do have a lot of laughs at this office.
 Chuck was our only reader today. He was able to get the letters read quickly then was put to work stuffing studies. 
 Below Edie and Roma are busy separating the studies for us to stuff. 
We survived another week. As Monday is a holiday, we will not be working on Tuesday October 11th, at the Berean office. Please if you read this spread the word to anyone you know that was planning on coming. Ellen is not able to pick up the mail until late morning Tuesday. We will plan on working on Wednesday instead.

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