Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Engagement Story

David and Cindy arrived at the Berean office ready to work but before they started entering the Bible labels we asked David to tell his story.  The story of how he ended up engaged to Lanae. 
He and Lanae were announced on Sunday at the Peoria and Rockville, CT churches as David's family is from Rockville. His parents came to Peoria Sunday for the announcement and to meet Lanae and her family, and the picture below:
It was hard to keep working while listening to how God led them together. If you want to hear the story you will need to ask them, it was refreshing to see God working in their lives.  Even with that distraction they were able to enter all 123 requests from this week while Carol worked on lessons.
I was in the other room wrapping the Bibles which will be sent out tomorrow. The last label was entered around 11:00 am. Once those were printed we were ready to quit for the day.

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