Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Light Mail Day

We had an unusually light mail day today which gave us plenty of time to not only get today's work done but tomorrow's work too.  Below Eva Jean and Vonnie are hard at work opening the mail.
 Below Kathy is heading over to help Shirley while Marie reads letters and Marvin works on the computer.
Joyce arrived and just check out that smile when she was told we would be done by noon. 
 Today was Jan's birthday, she sure doesn't look 95 years old. That's probably because she isn't 95. 
 Shirley and Joyce were working on the studies in the other room.
 Below are the 4 readers of the day. Kathy, David, Marie and Marvin. They finished the letters by 11:00 am then went into the other room to separate and stuff studies. 

 Marie helped me enter the Bible labels while the others finished the studies. 
 We took a nice long lunch break then cleaned up the rooms and all headed home. 
It was nice to have an easy day but this probably means the Thursday group is going to get slammed with lots of mail. We will not be working at the Berean office Tomorrow (Wednesday) but if anyone would like to come help the Thursday group we would love to have you. We start work at 9:00 am. 

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