Thursday, October 20, 2016

Loving Likker

I was right about the mail today, the Thursday group got slammed but it just didn't matter, there were enough willing workers that we were able to finish not only the studies but the Bibles were also finished, loaded and mailed. Below are a few pictures of our productive morning.
 Above is the car stuffed with Bibles all ready to mail and below is Chuck getting ready to leave. He had an appointment to get that new hip of his checked out. We were thankful for the hours he gave today. 
 After the Bibles were all loaded the ladies went into the other room to work on processing the studies. Glenna and Roma worked at the back table while Anna, Edie and Eva Jean worked at the second table.
 All the studies were stuffed around the table then came the sealing of envelopes. Below everyone is showing their likker.

We just love our likker at this office. It sure beats using a tongue when sealing hundreds of envelopes.

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