Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Gone But Not Forgotten

We did not have a bunch of our usual volunteers today. A lot of them had gone on the mission trip to New York and some others were on vacation but we wanted them to know they may be gone but they were not forgotten! We still got all of the work done, it just took longer than it would have without all of those missing volunteers.
 Above Shirley, Ron, Vonnie and Eva Jean are busy opening mail while below mom and Kathy were our only readers. 

 Marvin is busy putting on stamps while Chuck is applying labels and George is opening mail. 

 While we were busy stuffing envelopes this nice lady stopped in from the church of the Brethren to pick up Bible studies for grading. Below Bill, the director of Berean is busy preparing to take home all the supplies to wrap the Bibles for this week. 
Thankfully we got all of the work done today and Bill is going to do tomorrow's work at his house. I am leaving on vacation and won't be back until the first Tuesday in August. There WILL be work next TUESDAY at this office, Ruth has offered to bring in the mail and Vonnie offered to bring the lunch.

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