Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Our day today at the Berean office was absolutely wonderful. We had a lot of volunteers, all willing to help and help was needed today. Below are a few pictures of the work. Below is the start of opening the mail.

 Meister's sent a pallet of Bibles around 9:40 am, Joan, Robin and Ruth got the entire pallet unloaded while Mark supervised. We needed to get about 15 boxes wrapped and ready for mailing today.
 Below Kathy and Dave are busy reading the letters.
 Below the group is working on the studies. 
 Most of the volunteers working on this table were stuffing, wrapping and labeling Bibles but Kathy is actually writing to a prisoner. We get some requests that need to be answered before we send a Bible. 
 As soon as the Bibles were finished, the envelopes were stuffed with the next set of studies for mailing out. The amount of work that got done today was just amazing. 
 Marvin and Ron are catching up on news from their area of the world in the picture below. 
 In the picture below some of the volunteers are finishing up the Bibles while the others are stuffing envelopes. 
 Vonnie is busy working on the silver series. 
 We took a break for lunch, below some of the group are eating in one room and some in the other. 
 Bill and Joan arrived with some guests. 
 Below Bill is discussing the meter machine coming with Mark and Marvin and where to put it. 
We were able to get all of today's work done, all of tomorrow's work done AND all of Thursday's work done with the amount of great volunteers that came in today. SO very thankful for everyone that showed up today to help. 

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