Tuesday, August 22, 2017

A Privilege

We didn't have a lot of mail this week, around 300 studies came in but only 58 Bible requests. It's funny, when we were getting hit with 600 requests a week we didn't have the amount of volunteers needed to process everything. Now that we have wonderful volunteers all knowing exactly what needs to be done the work isn't there. Oh well we always say this is God's work, if he wants it to grow it will. It IS growing just not bouncing back as fast as I thought it would. Today it was such a privilege to be at that office working with this group of volunteers.
 Above Shirley and Ron are opening studies while below Jeanette and Chuck are applying labels. Mom and Vonnie joined Shirley and Ron and went right to work opening the studies. Bill is now at the main computer. He is taking over the entering and printing of labels. 
Below Bill is printing off the certificates for this week. 
Kathy and David were the main readers today. Marvin helped too on reading when he wasn't working on the computer. He is just not pictured. He was probably ducking each time the camera came out. 
It didn't take long to get all the studies processed and the letters read. The next step was to start filling envelopes with the next set of lessons. Below Shirley is working on separating one envelope off each study. Each study gets 2 envelopes, one is left with the study for the grader so once the study is graded they can just stick it in the envelope and mail it. The other envelope we stuff with the next 4 lessons. This system usually works well. 
 Below Jeanette is making her escape, her job was finished so off she went to her 'real' job. 
 Below Chuck is supervising. He was actually getting up to get another box of studies to stuff. Those little blue and clear bottles on the table is our 'likkers' Those are wearing out and will need to be pitched. I think Diane ordered us a new box a while back, it's about time to break out the new ones. 
 Above David,  mom and Ron are filling envelopes and sealing them. In the picture below Robin is actually working on the copy machine. She has been running hundreds of copies each time she comes. 
 Mom got the lunch all ready and we were able to finish before noon.  Lunch is a good time to break bread and fellowship together. What an absolute privilege it is to serve at this facility. Berean is so very thankful Wayne and Lucille are letting us use the building.

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