Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Tuesday's Volunteers

We sure have the volunteers in place now to be able to easily finish the mail by noon. We had another productive wonderful day at the Berean office. Bill is now working on the main computer and did a good job keeping up with  printing out all the labels for the volunteers. We were pretty much able to keep everyone busy from the first opening of the mail until the last study was stuffed and sealed. Below are a few pictures of our busy morning.
 Above Ron, Shirley, Glenna, Vonnie and Joyce are working at the middle table while below Marvin L, Chuck and mom are opening mail and applying labels. 

 Above our the 3 letter readers today Jan, David and Kathy. At the other table opening the mail was Glenna, Vonnie, Joyce, Ron and Shirley. Below Marvin and Megan are trying to read a number backward and are using the mirror to do it. If a Bible has been returned the post office sticks a label on top of our address label. We need to post on the computer who the Bible was sent to and that it came back just in case that prisoner asks for another. Sometimes the only way to read the number is by using the mirror and reading it off the back of the label the post office applied after we have pulled it off of the Bible. 
 Below George and Ron are waiting for another batch of labels. 
 The volunteers then moved into the other room to stuff another set of lessons for those anxiously waiting for their next set. Marie kept the copy machine running and taught Robin how to also run the machine. Now that school is starting we needed another person to keep the copier running. We go through thousands of sheets a paper per week.
 In the two pictures below Bill is loading the Bibles into his van to take to the post office. The rest are finishing up the sealing of the envelopes. 

 Marie, Vonnie and Robin had to fold studies today as we ran out of some of the numbers. 
We will be working tomorrow morning folding studies and entering Bible requests.

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