Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Preparing For a Leave of Absence

Today the Berean office ran without me. Everything is now in place for my coming leave of absence that will start a week from Thursday. Guess what, I'm not indispensable as that was shown very clearly today. I'm not even sure who took the pictures but whoever did a big thankyou! From the pictures below it looks like they had a great group of volunteers and for sure got the job done.
Above Bill is using the computer to print out study labels and below Marvin and Chuck are busy either opening the mail or applying labels. 

 Sure looks like Vonnie, Jan, Ron and Joyce are working hard opening the mail above and below Mark and David are discussing a letter. 

 Jeanette is always put to work applying labels to envelopes and envelopes to studies. 
 Kathy is busy answering or writing letters for prisoners with different requests above while below Ron is sealing envelopes and Robin is keeping everyone busy, making sure the correct study is placed in the correct envelope. 

 Above Jeanette and Joyce came in to help stuff envelopes and below Kathy is hard at work on the Bible requests. 
 Lunch break is pictured below. 
 How absolutely WONDERFUL to know this office can run smoothly and efficiently with so many volunteers willing to give hours of labor for this program. A special thanks to all who showed up today!

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