Saturday, September 9, 2017

The Berean Banquet.

This annual event is the main fund raiser for Berean Prison Ministry and was well attended.

Below was the Glory Land Band. They entertained us as we were visiting and dining. What was very interesting was the story behind the band. The leader of the band stood up and told us his story, He had been in the Peoria county jail and told us that Paul Meister Sr. had given him his first Bible. He had to go to prison but has been out for 14 years and is now a chaplain and helps out at different jails and prisons. All of that PLUS he had a beautiful voice and the music was toe tapping great. 

 Tim Martin played the video he made of the different jails, the Berean office and Romania. I really hope this video will be posted on the Berean Website, it was very interesting, informative and also touching. 

 Below Ken Helmuth is introducing Fedi. Fedi was the interpreter for the speaker for the banquet, Leventa. 
Below Leventa is giving his talk about the impact Berean has on the many jails and prisons in Romania. So many touching stories. 

We left the banquet enthused about the ministry, almost everyone that attended help out in one way or other. Berean Prison Ministry is run completely by volunteers. There is NO paid staff, every penny sent in goes to help people out in many different ways. We left there humbled. 
On the way home mom mentioned wouldn't dad have been amazed at how big this ministry has grown. 

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