Tuesday, May 22, 2018

90 Requests

We had 90 Bible request today. Robin, Chuck and David came in early and got those Bibles stuffed and wrapped which made it easy to finis the weeks work all today. Once the Bibles were wrapped Marvin and David came in the other room to read letters. Kathy came in and joined them. She not only reads letters but also writes the letters we need to send out.
 Marvin and Vonnie were kept busy opening the studies that came in today. 
 Chuck and mom were also kept busy not just opening the mail but applying labels. 
 Stephanie brought the lunch today which meant we also got to see Israel and Elisabet. 

They got to eat lunch with us. 
 We enjoyed the food but the fellowship at lunch is almost as good as Stephanie's meal.  
After lunch the rest of the Bible requests were finished so the rest of the Bibles could be labeled and ready for mailing. We had a great day!

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