Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Another Big Mail Day

Marvin bought and installed a new cabinet for the Berean office today. We needed more table space and this new cabinet will really help out by giving us room to put a lot of the supplies. Thanks Marvin!

 We had another big mail day today. Below Gertrude and Vonnie are hard at work opening the mail. 
 They were soon joined by Shirley, Chuck, and not pictured mom all opening the studies. 
 Joyce was put to work stamping envelopes. 
 Jeanette came in just a bit later and was bothering one of our readers (Marvin her brother) which caused Leila to laugh. Kathy (also not pictured) was our other reader today. 
 Jeanette took a couple stacks of studies out to the other room to work where Robin was busy wrapping Bibles. Bill had just arrived, he brought our printer ink. 
 We had a good crew working and got all of today's work done AND all of tomorrow's too. Below Marvin and Bill are working on the certificates.  
Thankful for another good day with great volunteers.

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