Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Amazing Day

We had a pretty amazing day at the Berean office. It started with Marvin opening the mail and finding this:
In case you can't read the letter it says:  Thank You so much for sending a large print Bible when I was in prison. I still have the Bible but in all the movements I lost a lot of pages. The Shepherd's Psalm 23 is my favorite.
Thanks again,
ps  I serve the Lord because He first loved me!
Not too much later Marvin opened another letter with a $3.00 check from a prisoner from Taylorville, IL. He wanted to pay his tithe to Berean.
These two letters weren't the only amazing things happening. We also got a letter from a prisoner who stated he was going to commit suicide after he was put in prison but instead he found the Lord. BUT..that too isn't the other amazing thing that happened. For the last amazing part of the day you will need to read to the end of this post.  We had a good group come today. Our readers were Dave and Marvin. Our newly weds Shirley and Ray almost always show up AND sit together but that doesn't keep them from working. Vonnie and Glenna both know exactly what to do and go right to work as soon as they arrive.
 Bill is our servant director. He will take the time to make coffee and serve it to the other volunteers as he is receiving and making calls to prisons. Bill is always finding cheaper and better ways to get the Bibles to the prisoners and saves Berean thousands of dollars of postage.
 Marvin and Jeanette are siblings. Jeanette has a heart of gold and Marvin thinks she may be just a little too gullible. We wouldn't have her any other way. She loves grading lesson's 17-20 and today she took all of those home after we finished our work today. 
See all of those boxes on the table in the picture below? Robin brought those back from her house today. She spent hours of her time at home this week folding all of those lessons and putting a self addressed stamped envelope with each group of 4 lessons so they would be ready to send to the prisoners this week. 
 Mom was able to come help today and because of her help we got lunch on time. Mom is so good at making sure the lunch is ready to be served as we finish up. Below she was applying labels to envelopes while Shirley works on the intermediate studies. 
Now for the most amazing thing that happened today. Last week Robin opened our last package of the sleeves we place the Bibles in for mailing. Diane was sent a text that we would need more mailing sleeves. The sleeves came in yesterday but the post office told Diane they were too heavy to deliver and they would need to be picked up. The post office doesn't open until 9:00 am here in Hanna City and I needed to be at the Berean office by 9:00 am as the volunteers arrive then. I was hoping we had enough sleeves to finish today's mailing but had no idea how many sleeves were left nor how many Bible requests would come in today.  Robin counted the sleeves and announced we only had 67 sleeves for today's requests. By the time we finished entering the requests and printed the labels out there were exactly 67! Everyone that requested a Bible this week was sent a Bible today. Now THAT is AMAZING!

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  1. Those amazing happenings would definitely be called Ebenezers!! God is there amongst you all, and is lightening your load! May you all receive extra blessings for your service to the Lord!
    Dori Tyler,(a Bible study grader & Krystal and Amanda's mom!)