Tuesday, February 5, 2019


We had a full tub of mail today to process and thankfully had a big group of volunteers come in to help process it. Robin and Bill went right to work making copies which were very needed. The computer below is used to send the correct study to the printer and almost as if by magic the copies start printing.
 Shirley and Vonnie were kept busy opening the plethora of mail. 
 Joyce and Jan also helped open the mail. 
 Marvin and Chuck were put to work applying labels to envelopes as soon as the labels were printed. 
 The new studies were stuffed for mailing in the other room. 
 Kathy is reading letters, Jeanette is applying labels.  Not pictured was Bruce who was working on the back table with the postage machine. The USPS raised the price on first class mail making a lot of extra work for Bruce who runs the machine on Tuesdays. 
 Leila was the other reader today. Between Leila and Kathy they had all the letters read by noon.
Kathy worked through lunch as there were so many letters to answer.  I had 90 Bible labels printed but then ran out of time and had to leave around 1:00 pm. I know Robin stayed late to keep printing labels and also offered to get the Bibles stuffed, wrapped, stamped, labeled and ready for mailing. I'm not sure how long she stayed but thankful that job got done. 

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