Tuesday, March 12, 2019

96 Requests

We had quite a bit of mail today with over a 100 letters and 96 of those were requesting Bibles. Some of the letters were touching some were sad and some were pretty amazing.  One man had been put in solitary and was determined to commit suicide. When his mail was delivered, his lessons had arrived. He didn't have his Bible with him but found some sections of a Bible from the Gideon's in the cell and he credits those Bible sections with saving his life. We had a good group of volunteers today and were able to get everything done including the mailing of those 96 Bibles. Mom, Marvin, Kathy and Jan were our readers today. Kathy came in early as she had to leave early so when Jan arrived she was put right to work in Kathy's chair.
Chuck was put to work with the labels.
 Shirley is always in charge of the intermediate studies and there were lots of those today.
 Below Marvin and Jeanette are working on some of the problem studies.  We had one study come in today with no return name or address on the envelope and only a last name on the 4 pages of his study.  It took some time to figure out where to send the graded one and his next 4 lessons but we did figure it out. 
 Robin kept everyone busy in the other room with filling the studies.
We were able to finish before noon and enjoyed a leisurely lunch before heading home. 

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