Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Asking For Prayer

The letter below was mailed to us at Berean Prison Ministry and I would like to share it here.  This is a letter asking for prayer but also thanks those helping with this ministry. 
Dear B.P.M,
I wanted to write a personal letter to you to share my life.  On the17th of this month, this year I tried to commit suicide here in prison.  I struggle with myself about my past and often at times wonder who I am.  (No I'm not crazy)  I just feel lost.  I claim to be a believer but yet I do the type of things I don't understand.  I'm hungry for God, for His Word but its as if I 'm holding on to something.  I argue with this voice in my head that tries to steer me away from God, it often wins out and I don't know what to do.  I was placed on suicide observation being that I attempted to do so all my property was taken from me.  I just now got the privilege of mail and pen and paper back.  Yours was the first piece I received.  I eagerly done the courses.  They help me realize that someone does care.  I don't have my Bible, but there was a piece of an Gideon one in my cell. I think it's NKS, not sure but I"m doing the best I can.  God knows I need help, I want help and I'm confused about me.  I need you all to pray for me.  I'm going to ask for prayers.  I know the Word tells us that Prayer makes thinks happen, esp. when there of the righteous.  I want you to know I do appreciate all that you do for people like me.  God will reward you!
Pray for him, his signature isn't legible so I don't know his name but God DOES! God knows exactly who he is and what he needs.
We had a good amount of mail and plenty of helpers to get that mail processed. Below are a few pictures from today.

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