Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Scrumptious Dessert

Marvin brought in a special treat for the Berean volunteers today. His wife Gale made a rhubarb dessert that was absolutely scrumptious. Before we could try it out though we got the work done for the day. Marie came in today with Timothy and they brought garden lettuce from her garden to share. They went right to work putting in a few hours before needing to leave.
 Shirley and Glenna are at one table applying labels while Shirley, mom and Vonnie are opening the mail. 
Bill came in to work but as one looks at the pictures below one would wonder exactly how much work was being done.
He was actually telling us about some of the successes of the program and one of the letters was kind of funny. The camera just happened to catch the moment when we were all laughing. Mark worked on the computers until the studies were all processed then joined Marvin in reading letters.  Marvin had a message to call someone. When he made the call he came in to tell us what it was all about.
This ended up being a mother of a prisoner he worked with for years. She found the phone number to Berean and asked Ellen to have Marvin call. She really appreciated how much Marvin did for her son and just wanted to thank him. When it finally came time for lunch Gail's dessert was the centerpiece of the table. It really tasted amazing with a mix of tart and sweet. The ice cream was put on top of the rhubarb bars then the sauce was poured over the ice cream. 
Thank you GAIL! We really enjoyed your creation. 

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