Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Special Visitors

We had another busy day at the Berean office but it really was a fun, good day getting lots accomplished and to top it all off we had 3 special visitors arrive at lunch time bringing goodies.
Stephanie brought her home baked cookies for our dessert along with her two helpers Elisabet and Israel. They ate dinner with us. Israel was fascinated by the small water bottles.  
Our morning was busy but there were plenty of helpers to help with the work. Below Shirley, Jan, Vonnie, Glenna and Bruce are all opening the mail that holds the studies. 
 At the other table Leila and Marvin were busy reading the request letters. We had some very strange requests today.
 Mark took the second computer and between the two of us we were able to keep up with the volunteers opening the mail. 
Robin had everything ready for stuffing the envelopes in the other room and as soon as the last study was processed each made their way into that room to keep working.
 Bill and one of his son's arrived with a van load of Bibles. We were almost out at this office so the timing was perfect. 

We enjoyed our lunch and fellowship together before cleaning up the office and heading out.  Another fun day with wonderful volunteers. A BIG thank you to all who show up.

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