Tuesday, August 27, 2019


We were very efficient today at the Berean office. There were plenty of volunteers and everyone went right to work as they arrived.
 We were able to process the studies finishing before 10:30 am.
 Above Jeanette is reading letters and below Bruce is taking a break from running the postage machine. 
 As soon as the studies were finished a good group went into the other room to get the Bibles ready for mailing. We just had 57 request this week for a Bible but everyone that requested was sent one.
 Kathy and Dave provided the lunch today. Kathy called Sam's Club and ordered 2 pizzas to be picked up in 15 minutes. When she arrived she found out the lady that took her order forgot to communicate with the person making the pizzas and the pizza not only wasn't done it wasn't even started.  Kathy sent a text asking everyone to please WAIT for her to get back. As a joke we all sat around the table, grabbed a fork, snapped a picture and sent a text that we were ALL waiting for her.
 She got a good round of applause and lots of laughs when she arrived with the pizza.
Lunch was delicious. Kathy also served her special salad with vine ripened tomatoes and other toppings, grapes and for dessert brownies topped with salted caramel ice cream!  We all enjoyed the fruits of her efforts. A special thank you to Kathy and Dave for providing a meal for the Tuesday Berean volunteers and thank you to everyone who came to volunteer. We sure have a good time serving others.

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