Tuesday, October 1, 2019

So Much More

This blog is really only about the Bible and Bible study program of Berean Prison Ministry. There is so much more to this ministry. Our volunteers go into the jails and prisons all over Illinois and not just on Sunday's. There are counseling sessions, rehab help, Bible studies, one on one help and of course services where the WORD is taught. I'm just glad I have an opportunity to serve in this one tiny area. In this office we read letters from all over the United States. Some of the letters are just heart breaking. Today a very nice thank you letter came in. Many of the letters are requesting a Bible and that we can do, thanks to the Apostolic Christian Church who provides us with funds to purchase many of the Bibles. The Roanoke Apostolic Church has provided us at very unexpected times with thousands of first class stamps.  At one point we were very low on stamps. One of the volunteers said, "You need to ASK for money to buy stamps!"  she was told, We will NOT ask people, we will pray about stamps. Just a few days later a full bag of over 1600 first class stamps was brought to the office.  A very special thank you to who ever donated stamps. The prisoner's love getting mail and really look forward to receiving their graded Bible study back. 
Today we had another good day of work getting almost 90 Bible requests and sending those Bibles out today. Those Bibles are stuffed with a set of lessons plus a self addressed stamped envelope. If the prisoner sends us those studies, we get them graded, send those studies back plus the next set of 4. Below the volunteers are busy stuffing and wrapping Bibles. 

Today we also had come in over 200 studies all which needed to be processed in order to send them to the graders and send the next set of lessons. There is plenty of work to be done and I'm thankful for the wonderful volunteers that so willingly come to do the work. 

Even Wayne stopped in today.
What a great day!

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