Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Lots of Mail

We had quite a few problems when we arrived at the Berean office today but that didn't stop us from getting the job done.  When we arrived the computers wouldn't turn on. That turned out to be the power strip. Marvin checked the breakers but they were all working so he just plugged the computers directly into an outlet. At 9:30 am when Marvin's alarm went off for the morning prayer we still had not printed a single label.  Once we finally got power to the computers we though we were in business until we went to print out the first envelope. The printer was not communicating with the computers.  Bill brought in the internet modem and between Marvin, Mark and Bill got the printer back online and communicating. Below they are busy getting everything working. Thankful for the willingness of these 3.
The rest of us worked on opening the studies and reading letters.

 As soon as the last study was processed Vonnie got everyone organized to start stuffing and wrapping Bibles.
 With everyone's help we mailed out over 100 Bibles today and got 3 or 4 more boxes ready for mailing next week when the requests come in. 
We enjoyed Chili for lunch but that wasn't the 'real' treat. Mark brought in an amazing dessert from his wife Cathy. That was so good some of us even had seconds. The left overs were taken to Diane's office. A special thank you to ALL who came today to help with this ministry.  The prisoners wait anxiously for their graded study to come back and without all of these amazing volunteers their wait would be much longer.  Roanoke asked for all the studies this week for grading and those were dropped off at the shop for the trip out to the Roanoke AC church.  Today was a GOOD day!

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