Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Best Gift

We had another really good day at the Berean office processing the mail, answering letters and sending out Bibles. We also had a good amount of GREAT volunteers here to do the work. Not all volunteers are pictured, we were short a couple of our computer men (Marvin and Mark) and I was pretty busy trying to do the computer work so that not many pictures were taken.

Bill was busy ordering another shipment of Bibles. What we have in this office now is all we have available and we sure don't want to run out.
 As soon as all the mail was opened and all the labels applied Glenna went into the other room to start stuffing the next set of studies.
Jeanette is busy with one of the many steps involved in making sure the prisoner gets the correct study sent to him out of the 50 lessons in the basic program. There are another set of 50 in the next set of lessons.
In the picture below everyone is filling envelopes. 
 Kathy, Dave and Leila were the main readers of letters, almost all the studies that come in with a letter got to Shirley. Below Kathy and Leila are discussing what to do with a problem letter.
 I didn't get any pictures of the group getting the Bibles ready for mailing as I was still working on the entering the names and addresses of all those wanting a Bible. We sent out 48 Bibles today. It is SUCH a pleasure to work with willing happy volunteers. This office rings loud with laughter and fellowship as we work together making sure a prisoner gets the best gift of all.

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