Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Flying Fingers

We had a decent amount of mail this week which kept everyone busy all morning.  When Marvin's alarm went off we could hardly believe it was already 9:30 am and time for our prayer.  Bill happened to walk in just then so we asked him to have the morning prayer.

 Kathy had a very nice letter come in so she took the time to read it aloud to us. 
 The studies were all processed by 10:30 am so Vonnie had the group start wrapping Bibles. 
 We had 57 Bible request come in today.
Those fingers were flying on stuffing and wrapping. It was Ray's job to seal the sleeve and that is done by removing the back of the tape. His fingers were flying so fast that one of the backing went flying into his mouth.
It almost looked like someone was trying to tape his mouth shut. We all had a good laugh, not laughing AT Ray but WITH Ray. Below Marvin and Mark are working on the problem letters. 
 We had everything done by 11:00 am so had an early lunch which gave us plenty of time to visit. What a blessing this office is on Tuesday morning. We really have a lot of fun while serving at this small part of the ministry.

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