Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Small Group Big Results

We had a smaller group of volunteers than usual but we got a lot done. Of course it helped that Robin came. Below Marvin is showing her which printer to use with that computer to print out more studies. Robin keeps our bins full and that is not a small job.
Ray, Shirley and Shirley opened and processed the study mail.
 While Marvin and Jeanette read letters. 
 Bill is always glad to see everyone helping out. He takes all the studies and Bibles to the post office for mailing.  Today he told us how he was able to save thousands of dollars. We needed to order more Bibles and he was on the phone with the publisher and got a pretty decent price for the Bibles we have been sending out but just felt that he needed to wait. Not long after he got on the website and found these same Bibles were placed on sale with a savings of $1.50 off the price of each Bible he was quoted. He ordered 7000 of them. We should have enough Bibles for a while.
As soon as all the studies were all opened and labels applied they went into the other room where Robin had everything organized for stuffing envelopes and wrapping Bibles. 

We easily got done by noon today. We were enjoying our lunch when Lukie came in with a big treat. The TAG group had ordered too much food and she was here to share it with us. We enjoyed the thumbprint cookies and special brownies. A big thank you to the TAG ladies!

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