Monday, December 30, 2019

Wrong Day but Great Volunteers

Our Berean day is always a Tuesday but with New Years Eve landing on a Tuesday and so many of our volunteers had plans that day we decided to meet on Monday this week.  We had 270 studies come in that needed to be processed and 71 Bible requests and with the 5 of us working we had everything done, including lunch by 1:30 pm. Glenna not only had to open the mail she also had to run the postage machine.
 Marvin got almost all of the letters read while Mark and I were processing studies. Once we finished with the studies Mark helped Marvin read letters. 
 Chuck was kept busy applying labels and we sure had a lot of those.

We were all pleased when the last envelope was sealed and the last Bible wrapped, labeled, stamped and boxed up for Bill. Bill arrived to haul everything down to the post office around 1:15 pm and caught us eating lunch.  After lunch Marvin worked on the certificates and backing up the computers.  What a good productive day!

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