Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Thankful Here

 Another good morning at the Berean office. We sure are thankful for everyone that comes to help.  Below are a few pictures. 

Above Marvin and Leila working on letters while Skip and Bill work on entering Bible requests.
Below Vonnie, Shirley and Leila stuffing studies.
Skid and Bruce getting the Bibles labeled for shipping today.
We were easily finished with everything by 11:00 am. Covid has shut down the Peoria county jail and many other jails and prisons. We had a letter today how badly the Bibles are needed now that the chaplains have been locked out. They are not even holding church services in the jails each Sunday. Who would have thought we would still be dealing with this at the end of 2021.  During the lock downs of 2020 we were able to keep the Bible requests filled and the studies graded and that was much appreciated by those desperately wanting a Bible so I really am thankful for help here.

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