Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Thanksgiving Week

 We had another good morning at the Berean office. Leila brought in wonderful treats to share at our break but we didn't even wait for that. As soon as the coffee was done some of us snuck out to have cookies with coffee. Notice Chuck through the window. 

He only took a few moments to grab a cup and offer some to the rest of us who were working in the other room.

Below Aunt Jinnie is asking for another stack so she could keep working.
At 9:30 am we meet back in this room for our prayer. After the prayer Kathy read us part of one of the letters. In the picture below they are listening to Kathy.
Below is the short video of that letter.
 Below Kathy and Marvin are trying to figure out the spelling on a name. This is one of our hardest jobs. If the name and number don't match the Bible will be sent back so it is important for us to get the spelling correct and some of the hand writing is atrocious. 
We take our best guess then try to look them up on the computer. Sometimes that works! Below they are stuffing the new studies.
Once the studies were all stuffed and sealed almost all of us joined this group to work on the Bibles.
We all work so well together. A special thanks to Leila for the treats and a big thank you to all who came to help as Thanksgiving week is always busy.


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