Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Thankful For Bill

 We had a sunny but cold morning at the Berean office needing to run the furnace.  We are very thankful for the use of this building owned by Wayne and Lukie and VERY thankful we have heat in the winter and cooling in the summer.  It was nice and warm inside which warms our hearts as we volunteer together. Below are a few pictures of the morning.

Shirley walked in saw a job and came back with the vacuum.
Below Ray is making a special point to tell us he is passing a study over to Shirley and not trying to hold her hand as he works. Of course we all had to laugh.

In the picture below it LOOKS like Shirley is the only one working but that really isn't quite true. The others were using their brains before we needed their brawn to move boxes of Bibles.
Chuck is working on applying labels to the envelopes. 
Below Bill is keeping us informed on some of the other activities happening.
Joan came in to pick up studies for herself and some others for grading.  

She mentioned her faithful team of helpers are Paula, Ray & Kitty, Jerry & Sharon and Dale. After picking up the studies she drives to the Fellowship Hall and prays over them before handing them out. Today she decided to drive back to the pond and cemetery area and said it is serene and scenic with beautiful landscaping and trees and so beautiful with the bridge.   We really are thankful for our church cemetery.  Below Skip is getting the Bibles ready to mail out from the requests that came in today.
We can't help but be thankful each time we finish, thankful we can volunteer together, thankful for the work that gets done, thankful for the use of the building and thankful that we can still afford postage. Bill tries hard to keep the postage costs down but as the postage rates climb his job gets harder. We are really thankful for Bill. 

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