Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Gift of Life

 Only Skip beat us this morning. He had the coffee waiting when we arrived. The morning was cold but the furnace here works well and we are thankful for heat.  Skip commented on the amount of letters that arrived this week was much more than he had seen for a while and that ended up being true. We had over 30 Bible request letters plus many other letters asking for the study or other things. Marvin went right to work on the letters.

Chuck arrived and was put right to work on labels with Aunt Jinnie.
When the studies were processed Vonnie had the second room all set up to stuff the studies going out today. 
Bill and Kathy worked on letters. Kathy is the writer. Bill is given any problem letters. Below Skip is entering the Bible requests for today.
Vonnie and Aunt Jinnie were folding more of 1 through 4s as those go in each Bible.
Skip, Chuck and Shirley are hard at work getting the Bibles going out today labeled, stamped and loaded into boxes.
Those boxes were taken to the post office today and are now on their way to a prisoner. We pray that each Bible could be received with joy and thanksgiving. It really is the gift of life.

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