Tuesday, March 8, 2022

The Merry Maids Arrive

 Aunt Jinnie and I were the first to arrive this morning at the Berean office but before the door was unlocked the other volunteers started arriving.  We were pretty busy, so busy in fact that I forgot to take pictures and because Marvin wasn't here to remind us we forgot to have our 9:30 am prayer.  Aunt Jinnie reminded us about an hour later so we all stopped what we were doing and Chuck had a prayer for the program, prisoners and volunteers today. Below are a few pictures take a little late. By the time I pulled the camera out Vonnie was putting away the boxes and I told them all to "look busy" which caused a lot of laughter.

They HAD been busy. They had processed all of the studies and got 29 Bibles ready for mailing.
I was able to catch Shirley, Bill and Kathy at work as they were all working in the other room. 

We were loading up in the car when I realized I had forgotten my purse, went inside and there were the Berean Merry Maids all busy cleaning.
We will ALL appreciate the nice clean office and are very grateful for those that volunteered to do this. 

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