Tuesday, March 1, 2022

The Tithe

 Aunt Jinnie and I arrived at 8:55 am to find volunteers already hard at work.

Skip had arrived about 8:15 am and had already read all of the letters.  Bill arrived and gave us an update. He was meeting today in  Springfield with the Illinois department of corrections and then shared some updates on his health.

After the prayer Skip read a letter from an inmate that had sent Berean a check for his tithe for the year. When a prisoner sends tithe money we are pretty sure that this is not just a jail house conversion.
Below are a few pictures of the morning.

Above the volunteers are stuffing new studies to be mailed to the prisoners and below Justin is separating the studies by number.
Below Skip is explaining a letter to Bill.
Below Skip is preparing the Bibles for mailing today while the rest work on the studies.
We finished the work by 11:00 am and sat down to enjoy the snack. We enjoyed working together. 

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