Thursday, November 20, 2014

293 Bibles Today

We didn't think there was a lot of mail but by the time we were done today Mark helped take almost 300 Bibles to the post office. The count (if we counted correctly) was 293 Bibles. We had some special helpers today. Diane brought in 2 of her grand children to help.
Diane was a slave driver today keeping them hopping. Each time she saw them sitting down on the job she reminded them of all the prisoners waiting for their Bible. Notice all the Bibles ready, Just check the long list of label still to go one.
They got stacks and stacks done. By the time Diane was ready to leave there were finished boxes of Bibles all over the room waiting to be placed in Mark's van.
Diane had to leave at 10:30 am for a dentist appointment but Eva Jean and I worked until noon, broke for lunch at Denny's with Mark, Phil and Spark then went back to work until we finished at 1:30 pm. I was reminded today of the how many prisons and jails our Berean volunteers serve. 
Canton Prison
Dwight Prison
Fort Meyers County Jail
Fulton County Jail
Lincoln Prison
Logan County Jail
Peoria County Jail
Sheridan Prison
Stark County Jail
Statesville Prison
Taylor Missouri County Jail
Woodford County Jail
Berean Prison Ministry has chaplains and volunteers at each of these facilities. There are too may to list where the Bibles and studies are sent. 
We also have local chaplains in Russia and Romania that go into prisons and minister to the prisoners and the poor. 
We ask for prayers most of all but I'm also putting a plea out for paper clips and tape. If anyone would like to donate these we need them for the studies. 

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