Thursday, November 6, 2014

Unexpected Results

The ink did not come in to print off more stamps by Wednesday so Ellen called Diane to tell her we would not be able to get the Bibles out on Thursday. Diane and I decided to let all of the usual volunteers know we would not be coming in. Then Thursday morning Diane remembered she needed to make 5000 copies for the next Bible wrapping before the Goodfield and Roanoke young group got together so we did go down. On the way in I stopped at the jail to get a few pictures of the Thursday Jail ladies. Below is the entrance we use at the Peoria County Jail
Beth was at the door waiting to smuggle me in. 
Beth stopped at the main viewing office to introduce Linda, one of the bosses of the jail. I'm not sure she would consider herself a boss but anyone in charge of that many monitors must be important. 
 She walked me down a long hallway and when we came to the first window I shocked to see who was locked up. Well maybe Marilyn wasn't exactly locked up, more like locked in.
 However she wasn't the only one in that small cramped cell. Darlene was busy preparing Bibles for the inmates. I'm not sure they trust Darlene, they had her stuffed back in a corner of the cell.
 While Marilyn got a desk in the front part. OK perhaps Diane and I should never complain about being crowded again after seeing the chaplain's office at the Peoria County Jail.
 Every available flat surface was in use. Even the shelves were packed.
On the way back out of the jail we checked out the storage room. Thanks Beth for the tour, hopefully on Tuesday the Tuesday Jail ladies will be as accommodating.
Diane drove down to TEMCO for the mail and there was a good amount, mostly letters. We were working hard when Aunt Bernie called to report the ink came in and she was busy printing our stamps off. Did we want them today? Diane stopped what she was doing and drove back to TEMCO and this time had the camera with her. Below are Ellen and Aunt Bernie. Ellen is the assistant treasurer of Berean while Aunt Bernie, besides being an aunt is one of our very valuable volunteers. It was our dad, Paul Meister and her husband, Ed Meister other wise known as Uncle Ed that started Berean Prison Ministry.
 When we found out we were going to be able to mail the Bibles out, Diane called Lisa to see if she could borrow a few of her kids and we got 3 really good ones. We love those kids they are so willing to do what ever is asked and have strong muscles!
Our office looks like a tornado went through by the time the Bibles are all labeled, stamped and boxed up. Diane always spends a few minutes at the end of the day to sweep up. I'm not sure that is a wise use of time but for some reason she does.
Below are a few of the hundreds of letters that came in today. This first one had us laughing pretty hard and yes we did send him another Bible. Read the letter and see why it made us laugh.
Did you get that part of does not need it! The note below came from one of the graders. This inmate had an idea of how to improve the course.
 The letter below was just a nice thank you letter.
We ended up at Tyrone's for lunch. Mike and Diane hauled the Bibles to the post office. We got out 220 today.

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