Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Jail Ladies

Taryn is one of the many  Berean Prison Ministry volunteers who volunteers at the Tazewell County jail. She posted this on her Facebook page:
They become like friends, excited to see me and pouring out their hearts about how God is changing their life. Tonight, the 7 of them handed me stacks of finished bible studies that they completed in a mere 3 days and anxiously waited as I supplied each with more. "We all do the bible studies together, and the COs call us the God Squad," they told me, "but in all seriousness, they are more than just something to keep us busy. We actually love learning about what's in the Bible and where the different chapters are, and always talk about it together and ask each other questions." On Sunday, we talked about how everything happens for a reason, and tonight we talked about how our true purpose in life starts with God, not ourselves. "I'm saved, but I'm still ghetto," one of the girls told me. This is why I love my ladies at the jail-- it's authentic, it's real life, and it's all about Jesus meeting us where we are and changing our hearts. A shout out and thank you to anyone who helps grade bible studies for Berean Prison Ministry.... You are appreciated more than you know!

Thanks Taryn sometimes the grading is just so overwhelming. We have over 30,000 inmates taking the study. Not all of them are from the Peoria and Tazewell county jails. That was sarcasm! The Bible study program is now in 48 states plus Russia and Romania.

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