Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Another Record

Diane drove mom in to Meisters while I drove down to TEMCO to pick up the mail. When Ellen opened the door she said, "you are going to need more than 2 arms for this load."
She was right it took both of us to load it into my car.
 Diane, mom, Eva Jean and Shirley were waiting for me to arrive with the mail. All of us had come in early today and that was a good thing. Below Diane is lining it up getting a quick count before we start to open it. We all believe today's mail is a record for amount of mail in a day!
 We ALL groaned when she reached 700. At that point she quit so we had 700 envelopes today give or take a few. We were pretty thrilled when Lisa dropped off 2 of her boys but still worried about getting done.
 Below is a pile of studies with the labels printed waiting to be put on the envelopes then attached to the studies. Diane decided we needed to put a call in for more help. I posted a couple pleas on Facebook while Diane called the TAG ladies to see if anyone would come to donate a few hours after TAG.
 We were so busy we decided to just have food hauled in. Mark picked up food at Denny's for us. While we were all scarfing that down Joyce, Kathy, and Rhonda arrived to help.
 We put them right to work on studies. Below Joyce is getting the labels on the envelopes and below that Kathy is reading the letters.

 Jenny Schick saw the plea on Facebook and brought 4 helpers down plus herself. 
Below Willow and Irelyn are stamping envelopes and below that Tate is emptying the garbage cans.

 Crew was busy pushing the cart that the garbage was loaded on for Tate. 
 Now before we get turned in for child labor laws, they didn't HAVE to work, they wanted to work.
 The studies were taken into the conference room to separate and stamp. Below the ladies are getting the stamps applied to all of the envelopes.
Rhonda and I finished entering all the Bible requests.
We printed them off and the requests stretched all the way across the room plus up the wall. 
By this time it was well after 3:00 pm, too late to start stuffing, wrapping and labeling the Bibles. We decided we would have to wait until Thursday to work on those. Rachel is gonna be mad, all the boxes are empty, and none of the Bibles are stuffed. We really need more help. Please consider coming for a couple hours. We start at 9:00 am Tuesday and Thursday and try to be finished by 2:00 pm but if that is too long we would be thrilled for even an hour of your labor. There is no one too old and we even have jobs kids don't mind doing (at least for a while).

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