Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Working Hard

We had a very busy day at Berean, Diane estimated 550 letters and studies came in today and all had to be opened and processed. We only had until noon before we lost her but thankfully some of the other volunteers stayed until the bitter end. We mailed out 390 Bibles today. By the time Mark was done loading my car it was stuffed full.
 Above Diane is opening the mail before the rest arrived and below everyone just goes straight to work. Kathy and Dave read the letters while Shirley and Eva Jean open the studies. Emily is at one computer entering the studies while I am at the other computer.
 Rhoda is busy putting labels on the envelopes as soon as Emily and I print them out. This was Rhoda's last day to join us down at Berean. At least for a while. She gets married on Saturday and will be moving to Bloomington, IL.

 Above and Below Jan and Joyce are busy at work opening more of the studies. We had a huge mail day and ran out of space so moved the 2 J ladies in the conference room.
 Below Diane is labeling the Bibles to go out, check out the blur at her hands, they were moving so fast it was hard to get a decent picture.
We were all tired by the time we were done and heading home.

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