Sunday, March 15, 2015

Tuesday's Big Day

We had a tremendous amount of mail Tuesday for Berean. The mail boxes were full to overflowing with studies and letters.
 We had some good volunteers and they all pitched right in opening and processing the mail.

Ellen gave us 300 Bible stamps but wasn't able to get the 20 rolls of first class stamps by the time we picked up the mail. Well we realized before lunch we were for sure going to run out of the first class stamps. Ellen was good enough to bring them over. Below Diane is so thrilled to see the stamps she is giving Ellen a hug.
We weren't able to fill all the requests, we had 326 Bible requests and only 300 stamps. Not sure how long we can keep up with this work. 26 prisoners had to wait until Thursday for their Bibles to be mailed. We try to get them out as soon as the letters come in. Many times a prisoner will be transferred and the jails and prisons are not allowed to forward their mail. That means to get the Bible back we must pay postage both ways. It cost Berean $3.64 one way and if they have already moved another $3.64 then if they request again since they didn't get the first Bible another $3.64. The quicker the Bibles can be sent the better chance it has to reach the prisoner. Even getting them out twice a week we still have 2 or 3 come back each week.
Just a quick note on the Berean blog, we were gone last week for a big horse show then left for St. Louis for Mark's work. I have many letters to post and some very nice envelope art. I'll try to update that soon so stay tuned.

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