Tuesday, February 7, 2017

From Start to Finish

We had a really good day at the Berean office from the start at 9:00 am to the finish just before lunch.
Bill has been given the job of entering and is determined to learn this computer program. Below Joyce is reading a long letter while Jan is opening mail so fast her hand is a blur. 
Marvin, David and Kathy read letters. Some were so touching they read them out loud to us other workers. The heart of this part of the ministry is reading the request letters that come. Some of these are heart breaking, some are touching, some are funny and some are simple requests. 
Below Shirley is opening a request letter and behind Shirley hard at work applying labels is Jeanette. 
Below is Brad. I met him today for the first time. He came to the office to pick up studies for grading for his church. His church people got involved in grading and love doing it. Aunt Bernie use to take them to TEMCO for him to pick up but she is in the hospital so he drove out to us to get them directly. 
Our next job was to bring all the studies into this room for separating and stuffing envelopes. Each person grabs a pile and goes right to work. Have I ever mentioned how blessed we are with amazing volunteers? They truly ARE amazing. 
One of the not so fun jobs is sealing envelopes. Below Kathy is holding one of the 'likkers'. We all like our likker in this office as each week we seal hundreds of envelopes. 
Marie and her family are in Mexico this week so Bill grabbed the broom swept the office and collected all the garbage, all the things Marie does. A big thank you to both Marie and Bill. Some of us don't even see the mess (me) but evidently it bothers some people. Marvin was checking something on the computer. 
Just as we were leaving Evie and Randy stopped in to check out the Berean office and pick up studies. I was showing them around and found a box of 49 & 50s that hadn't been processed yet. They were going over to Marvin's house next so I sent that box with them to give to Marvin. He will want them processed and will make each one a completion certificate to send with the lessons for the inmate. We really did have a wonderful day from the start to the finish.

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