Tuesday, February 21, 2017


As President's day was yesterday and the post office was closed, I wasn't sure how today would go at the Berean office with not having any mail today. But everyone that came kept busy with lots of other jobs. A pallet load of Bibles was delivered at 9:00 am. Thankfully David and Marie were there to help unload them off the truck. The first job of the day was to start wrapping those Bibles for the requests that came in last week.
As more workers arrived more Bibles got wrapped.
 We had 165 requests come in last week which was more than double from the week before. Bill and I entered the names and addresses on the computer then printed out the Bible labels.
Once the Bibles were finished these helpful volunteers went right to work folding studies and filling boxes.
We finished up around 11:00 am enjoyed a leisurely lunch then cleaned up the office and left for the day. Ellen will be picking up the mail on Thursday morning and there is going to be a lot of mail. We will be working at this office Thursday starting at 9:00 am if anyone would like to join us. The work is fun, the fellowship is uplifting and the satisfaction of a job well done is priceless.

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